Australian Journal of Cultural Studies

Volume 3 Number 2 December 1985



Iain Chambers: The Obscured Metropolis

Paolo Prato & Gianluca Trivero: The Spectacle of Travel

Eric Michaels: Ask a Foolish Question: On the Methodologies of Cross Cultural Media Research

Peter Williams: Notes on the Aestheticization of Politics

Cathy Greenfield: 'In the People's Name': Populism as a Political Form

John O. Thompson: Reading Reading Relations


Judi Mauger & John Hartley: Come in Spinner: The Politics of the Toss

David Rowe: Rock Culture: The Dialectics of Life and Death


Gary Wickham: An Event in Publishing, An Intervention into Academic Style

Colin Johnson [Mudrooroo]: Reading the Book

Ian Saunders: Representing and Intervening

Jane Kenway: On the 'Innocence' of Ideology

Editorial Board 1985

Mission 1985

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