Australian Journal of Cultural Studies
Vol. 3 No. 2, December 1985

Editorial Board 1985

John Frow, Anna Gibbs, John Hartley, Robert Hodge and Michael O'Toole from the School of Human Communication, Murdoch University, Murdoch, WA.

Brian Dibble, John Fiske and Barbara Milech from the School of English, Western Australian Institute of Technology, WA.

Brian Shoesmith from the Department of Media Studies, WACAE, Churchlands, WA.

Graeme Turner from the Department of Communication, Queensland Institute of Technology, Qld.

Editorial Advisers 1986

Stuart Cunningham, School of Humanities, Griffith University.

Rod Millar, Department of Communication, QIT.

Stephen Muecke, Communication Studies, NSWIT.

Theo van Leeuwen, School of English and Linguistics, Macquarie University.

Iain Chambers, Istituto Universitario Navale, Naples.

Horace Newcomb, University of Texas, Austin.

Issue Editor: John Hartley

Issue Production: Cynthia Baker.

Cover design by Judi Mauger and John Hartley.

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