Australian Journal of Cultural Studies
Vol. 3 No. 2, December 1985


THE AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF CULTURAL STUDIES aims to provide a platform for research and debate in cultural studies. The Journal's interests embrace the full range of the productions of the culture—accepting the value of analysis of such produced texts as television and film, of 'lived' texts such as sport and recreational activities, and cultural motifs such as the beach and the barbecue. The AJCS will encourage articles dealing with the theory and practice of culture, the reception and creation of texts, and the particular ways in which the Australian culture endows its members with a cultural identity, Australian ideologies and myths. There will be an editorial leaning towards articles with a linguistic, semiotic, or structuralist theoretical base, though this will not be an exclusive condition. The AJCS will not only serve Australian interests but will keep up to date with developments in theory and practice elsewhere; to this end, a regular feature will be the inclusion of a translation of a seminal European article hitherto unavailable in English and of theoretical articles by European and American authorities.

The Australian Journal of Cultural Studies is published twice yearly. Subscription rate is $15 a year, and should be sent to the School of English, Western Australian Institute of Technology, Bentley, W.A. 6102. Contributions in the form of articles, spinners and reviews are welcome and two copies should be submitted typed on A4 and double-spaced, to the Australian Journal of Cultural Studies, School of Human Communication, Murdoch University, Murdoch, W.A. 6150.

Articles in this journal may be photocopied at the rate of 1 cent per page per copy. Please send photocopy dues to the editors, and make cheques payable to the Australian Journal of Cultural Studies.

ISSN 0810-9648.

Copyright (c) 1985, Australian Journal of Cultural Studies

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