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Research in Culture and Communication
Australian Journal of Cultural Studies
Volume 4 Number 1 June 1986 Contents
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Lesley Johnson: The Study of Popular Culture: The Need for a Clear Agenda

Jon Stratton: Why Doesn't Anyone Write about Glam Rock

Max Wallace: Notes on the Origins of Mass Consumption

Tom O'Regan: A Fine Cultural Romance: The Seventies Feature Film

Horst Ruthrof: From Frege to Derrida: The Destabilization of Meaning

Marie Maclean: Speaking in the Other's Tongues: Woman and Metalanguage


Susan Melrose: Dramatic Holes, Theatre Discourse/s

Jane Crisp: 'Descriptive Syntagma' and 'Descriptive Pauses' - A Problem in Film Analysis


Rod Giblett: 'Bakhtin School Papers': Russian Poetics in Translation

Brian Shoesmith: This is the ABC

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