Australian Journal of Cultural Studies

Volume 4 Number 2 May 1987



Mary Ellen Brown: The Politics of Soaps: Pleasure and Feminine Empowerment

Tim Rowse: The New and the National: Modernist Painting and the Australian Public

Kay Schaffer: Landscape Representation and Australian National Identity

Niall Lucy: ' Now I'm a Brilliant Mistake': the De-naming of Elvis Costello

Graeme Turner: Perfect Match: Ambiguity, Spectacle and the Popular

Stephen Crofts: The Construction of Sexuality in Perfect Match

Noel Sanders: Aurel Sex--Perfect Match

Jennifer Craik: The Azaria Chamberlain Case: A Question of Infanticide


John O'Carroll: The Semiotics of Protest in Canberra

Gabrielle O'Ryan and Brian Shoesmith: Speculation, Promise and Performance: Businessmen as Stars

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