WA Screen Bibliography

This is a bibliography of readings relating to the Western Australian screen industry and screen culture. It is part of the WA Screen site in the Culture and Communication Reading Room at Murdoch University.


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- A -

Aveling, George, 1995, The Effects of Continuous Brand Identification on Brand Awareness Following Exposure to Television, Thesis (M.Com) School of Management, Curtin Univeristy of Technology.

Australian Broadcasting Authority, 1995, Perth Television Draft Licence Area Plan and Reasons For Preliminary Views, AGPS, Canberra.

Australian Broadcasting Control Board, 1963, Report and Recommendations to the Postmaster General on Applications for licences for Commercial Television Stations in the Manning River, Central Western Slopes, Murrumbidgee Irrigation, Bega-Cooma, Broken Hill, Mildura, Murray Valley, Cairns, Mackay, Southern Downs, South East (South Australia) and Bunbury areas, Government Press, Canberra.

Australian Broadcasting Tribunal, 1984, The Albany Inquiry : report and recommendations of the inquiry by the Australian Broadcasting Tribunal into the commercial viability of commercial television station GSW-9, Southern Agricultural,Western Australia, ABT, Canberra.

Australian Broadcasting Tribunal, 1978, Eastern Wheatbelt of Western Australia Television Translators Inquiry, AGPS, Canberra.

Australian Broadcasting Tribunal, 1985, Remote commercial television services : Report to the Minister for Communications, AGPS, Canberra.

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- B -

Beaton, Brian, 1990, From travelling showmen to television : opportunities for film making in Western Australia, 1900-1975, Thesis (M.A.), Murdoch University, Perth.

Bell, Max D. 1986, Perth, a cinema history, Book Guild, Sussex.

Bertrand, Ina, 1987, 'David and Goliath: The Grand Theatre Company and the National Exhibition Chains', in T.O'Regan and B. Shoesmith eds. History on/and/in Film, History and Film Association of Australia, Perth.

Bowley, Michelle. 1988, "Drive-In Theatres in Western Australia", in Media Information Australia, No. 47, February 1988, AFTRS, North Ryde.

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- C -

Campaign Brief : Perth's weekly advertising and media magazine,
Campaign Brief, Perth.

CTV Perth Inc. (Community Television) Airwaves newsletter, CTV, Perth.

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- D -

Deveson, Anne. 1990, The Arts, the media and power : papers from the seminar conducted by the Western Australian Department for the Arts, March 20, 1990, Western Australian Deptartment for the Arts, Perth.

Department of Industrial Development, 1986, Industry Profile. Radio and TV Receivers, Audio Equipment. Department of Industrial Development, Perth.

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- E -

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- F -

Fetherstonhaugh, Tim. 1986, A history of the Film and Television Institute of Western Australia,
Murdoch University theses, Communication Studies Programme, Honours, Perth.

Film and Television Insitute (WA) Inc.,1985, C.E.P. Scheme report, (Community Employment Program), FTI, Fremantle.

Film and Television Institute, 1996, Film & Video Festival (conference), FTI, Fremantle.

Film and Television Institute (WA) Inc. 1984, Towards a Western Australian Film and Television Industry, Seminar 22nd-24th June 1984, FTI, Fremantle.

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- G -

Geneve, Vyonne, 1991, Versions of Modernism in Western Australian Cinema Design, 1930-1991, Thesis (MA) Department of Fine Arts, University of Western Australia.

Green, Leila. 1988, Television and Other Frills: Public demands of broadcast services in the satellite age, Western Australian College of Advanced Education Research Monograph, Perth.

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- H -

Heard, Kaylene. 1993, Bibliography of 16 mm film produced in Western Australia to 1950 from the State Film Archives of Western Australia, Friends of the Battye Library, Perth.

Hiltula, Ulla, 1988, Television and its audiences : a comparative study of SBS and Channel 10 in Perth Murdoch University theses. Communication Studies Programme, Honours.

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- I -

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- J -

Jayasuriya, Laksiri 1988, `Language and culture in Australian public policy: some critical considerations', Occasional Papers, New Series, no. 4, Department of Social Work and Social Administration, University of Western Australia, Perth, April

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- K -

Kramer, Leonie. 1982, From fact to legend : Writing and broadcasting in Australia, Centre for Studies in Australian Literature, University of Western Australia, Perth.

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- L -

Lan Tran 1992, `Vietnamese films & ethnic identity', Student Essay, Communication Studies, Murdoch University.

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- M -

Mann, Maria, 1991, Reflections of the sun : a short history of the Sun Picture Gardens : for the people of Broome past and present, Sun Pictures, Broome.

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- N -

Nash, Arthur Harry, 1961, The Impact of Television on Secondary School Children: A Study of the Effects of Television on the Out of School Activities of Secondary School Children in Perth, Western Australia, Thesis (M.Ed) University of Western Australia.

National Viewers and Listeners Association (W.A.), 1985, Annual Report, National Viewers and Listeners Association, Applecross.

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- O -

O'Regan, Tom and Hiltula, Ulla 1985, `Perth commercial television since 1965', The Moving Image: the History of Film and Television in Western Australia, eds. T. O'Regan & B. Shoesmith, History and Film Association of Australia, WA, Perth, pp. 75-82

O'Regan, Tom 1993 Australian Television Culture, Allen & Unwin, St Leonards, Sydney.

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- P -

Perth Film Society, Sprocket, Perth Film Society, Subiaco. (periodical)

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- Q -

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- R -

Richardson, John, 1987, 'Movies Under the Stars: Drive-ins and Modernity', Continuum: The Journal of Media and Culture, vol.1, no.1.

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- S -

Screen West, News Brief:Screen West, 1994-1995, Screen West, Subiaco..

Screen West, The newsletter from Screen West, 1996-, Screen West, Subiaco.

Shoesmith, Brian (ed.), 1994, Media, Politics and Identity, Centre for Western Australian History, Dept. of History, University of Western Australia,

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- T -

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- U -

United Media Limited, 1987, Annual report, United Media Limited, Perth.

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- V -

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- W -

Walker, Sonia. 1988, Film censorship in Western Australia : public, government and industrial responses 1898-1928, Murdoch University theses. History Programme, Honours, Perth.

Western Australian Film Council Annual Report, Western Australian Film Council, 1990, Perth.

Western Australian film directory, Western Australian Film Council, 1989, Perth.

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