WA Screen Writing

This page contains links to full-text writings on the WA screen industry and screen culture. WA Screen writing is part of the Culture and Communication Reading Room at Murdoch University.

The Moving Image

The History of Film and Television in Western Australia 1895-1985 was published in 1985 and edited by Tom O'Regan and Brian Shoesmith to coincide with an exhibition on Film and Television in Western Australia at the Alexander Library in Perth (WA).

David and Goliath: The Grand Theatre Company and the National Exhibition Chains

Ina Bertrand's article looks at the changes which took place in cinema exhibition in Perth around the 1930's looking in particular at cinema closures and acquisitions in the central city area.

Historical citizenship and the Fremantle Prison Follies: Frederick Wiseman comes to Western Australia

Toby Miller exmaines the area of screen cultural studies as it is applied to film, taking as his objects of study; Frederick Wiseman's Titicut Follies, the Fremantle Prison museum, and using 'their collective implications for our understanding of ...ethical zones'.

Movies Under the Stars: Drive-ins and Modernity

John Richardson's article examines the change in cinema exhibition in Australia that occurred in the 1950s with the arrival of the drive-in. This piece focuses on the representation of the drive-in as an index of modernity in newspaper stories and advertisements in Western Australia during the 1950s.

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