Alec McHoul
PhD (Sociology & Philosophy) ANU

Jake ... I sing a song for you ... it's painless eh?

Alec McHoul joined Murdoch University in 1986 and, until 2007, was Head of the School of Media Communication & Culture. MCC has since been incorporated into the School of Arts.

He also co-ordinated Honours programs in MCC and, until 2017, co-ordinated the Honours Seminar in Arts (ART503). The old 2016 Unit Information for ART503 is available HERE (.pdf format).

Previous units co-ordinated include:

Alec was the founding convenor of:

Some web-based work on street photography in India and Bangladesh can be found HERE (Web link)

A paper on the concept of culture can be found HERE (.pdf format)

A complete list of publications (1978-2016) can be found HERE (.pdf format)
Some of these are available for viewing HERE (Web link)

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