The Moving Image:
The History of Film and Television in WA 1895-1985

Edited by Tom O'Regan and Brian Shoesmith


Other writers have commented on the fact that prefaces are always written last. It could not be otherwise. In many respects it is still hard to grasp that this is being written, effectively wrapping up a hectic but stimulating three months and bringing us to the point where we must pay our dues. Clearly, an undertaking such as this has had to draw upon the knowledge and expertise of a whole range of people. Despite the gesture towards a sense of authorship the writing and compilation of this dossier has always been a collective group effort. Consequently there are massive debts to be paid on a number of fronts.

In the first place the whole concept of an exhibition augmented by a publication could not have reached fruition without generous sponsorship. Therefore, we thank the WA. Film Council, the WA. Arts Council, the Rural and Industries Bank and the Film and Television Institute (WA.) for their financial support of the exhibition which ensured that it would proceed.

We must also thank Mr Robert Sharman, State Librarian, and his staff at the Alexander Library Building for his support of the idea. In particular we must thank Andrew Clark and Tom Knapp for their help, and also thank Dr John Bannister, Director of the Western Australian Museum, for supporting the exhibition. Moreover, without the practical expertise and guidance of David Hutchison, Curator of History at the Museum, the exhibition would never have got off the ground. Geoff Callister and Lyn Stephenson also contributed their advice and experience to the organisation.

It would be churlish of us not to acknowledge the help and advice of a number of other people. The listing that follows can in no way reveal the degree of commitment so generously offered; nevertheless, space and time dictates that it's all we can offer. Our thanks to Richard Ashton (Channel 7), Karen Lucas (AWA), Ken Alexander, Phillip Adams, Kemp Hall, Eric Fisher, Bill and Diana Warnock, John McCrackan, Paul Barron, Tony Evans (Guideline), Ann Macbeth, Jill Wainwright (Channel 9), Joyce Avraamides, Sony Corporation, Umadevi Gnanamoorthy, John Corrick and Mark Naglazas.

The unenviable task of transforming bundles of photographs and hand-written articles into a tangible product, into something we could proudly call a dossier, was due largely to the services of Jan King, Mal Bond, Lyn Black and Peter Northcott, all of Churchlands Campus WACAE.

Finally, there are a number of individuals who must be singled out: Tim Fetherstonhaugh who diligently researched much of the material in the dossier and whose contribution to its publication is a very tangible one; Paul Payne who came in at a late stage to act as editorial assistant with zeal and efficiency; and finally Jack Honniball, State Film Archivist, and Barrie King, Chairperson of the State Film Archives' Committee. Jack and Barrie are contributors to the dossier but their real contribution to the work presented goes beyond the written page. They know more about film and television in Western Australia than the rest of us; they have worked long and hard to establish and maintain the State Film Archives, and they have given unstintingly of their time and energy.