The Moving Image:
The History of Film and Television in Western Australia 1895-1985

Published in 1985 and edited by Tom O'Regan and Brian Shoesmith to coincide with an exhibition on Film and Television in Western Australia at the Alexander Library in Perth (WA)



Tom O'Regan & Brian Shoesmith, Introduction

Jack Honniball, Cinemas 1896-1985

Ina Bertrand, Early WA film producers

Brian Shoesmith, Perth street scenes: 1907

Barrie King, Newsreels

Jack Honniball, The state film archives of WA

Brian Shoesmith, Film, TV and education in WA: a brief survey

Tom O'Regan, Film societies and festivals in WA

Terrence Maybury, Looking into home movies

Eric Fisher, The introduction of TV into WA

John Hartley & Tom O'Regan, Quoting not science but sideboards: television in a new way of life

Tom O'Regan & Ulla Hiltula, Perth's commercial television after 1965

James Mairata, The rise of video in the Perth context

Brian Shoesmith, Towards a regional film industry: an interview with Paul Barron

Interview with Ann Macbeth

Phillip Adams, Why make films in WA?

Tom O'Regan & Brian Shoesmith, Afterword

Bibliography and Appendix

Notes on contributors