Span 36

Journal of the South Pacific Assoc for Cwlth Lit and Language Studies
Number 36, 1992
Postcolonial Fictions:
Proceedings of the SPACLALS Triennial Conference 1992
Edited by Michèle Drouart


Day 1 of Conference
Day 2 of Conference
Day 3 of Conference
Volume 2
Longer Articles Developed from SPACLALS Conference Papers
Post-Conference articles sent to Span

Volume 1

Introduction: Postcolonial Fictions: Proceedings of the SPACLALS Triennial Conference (December 9-11, 1992)

Day 1 of Conference

Mudrooroo reads Colin Johnson, Poem: "Sunlight Spreadeagles Perth in Blackness: A Bicentennial Gift Poem"

Aritha Van Herk, Spectral Tattoo: Reconstructive Fictions

David McKie, Postcolonialism versus Postmodernism: premature births and premature burials in the latest capitalist environment

Richard Smith, The Import of Theory: a question neither here nor there

Wendy Waring, Multi-post-colonial Culture: The Great White North Downunder

Ian Buchanan, Extraordinary Spaces in Ordinary Places: De Certeau and the space of postcolonialism

Cameron Richards, Postmodernism or Postcolonialism Tomorrow: the relevance of a dialogical framework for postcolonial criticism

Dennis Haskell, Poems: "The Possibility," "The Garage," "The Mind of God," "Steps," "In New Bangkok"

Suzanne Baker, Binarisms and Duality: magic realism and postcolonialism

Phil McCluskey, The Handsomest Drowned Man in the Outback: contextualizing a structural magic realism

Brian Lloyd, Was Australian Modernism Oppositional?

Chris Prentice, Grounding Postcolonial Fictions: cultural constituencies, cultural credentials and uncanny questions of authority

Philippa Kelly, "The Cannibals That Eat Each Other": Othello and postcolonial appropriation

Ralph Crane, Old Stories in a New Novel: trials of identity in Bharati Mukherjee's Jasmine

Howard McNaughton, Fraying the Edge of an Alphabet

Day 2 of Conference

Anne Brewster, An Uneasy Truce?: Aboriginal women's autobiography in the arena of postcolonial studies

Witi Ihimaera, Poem: "Dinner with the Cannibal"

Terry Goldie, The Man of the Land/The Land of the Man: Patrick White and Scott Symons

Manfred Mackenzie, Family Affairs/National Fictions, and The Tree of Man

Marion Boreland, Either/Or: Multiculturalism and Biculturalism

Cynthia vanden Driesen, Doughty Slave-girls and Slavish Career-girls: representations of the West African (Ibo) female in selected works of Emecheta and Achebe

Elizabeth Lawson, Not Either an Experimental Doll: the making of the South African heroine

Michelle Vizzard, "Of Mimicry and Woman": hysteria and anticolonial feminism in Tsitsi Dangarembga's Nervous Conditions

Jennifer Livett, Against the Grain: Dream Narrative in Elizabeth Jolley's Foxybaby

Anne-Marie Cattan Medcalf, Blurring the Boundaries? The sense of time and place in Marguerite Duras' L'Amant

Story extracts:

Yasmine Gooneratne, "Into Battle," from Relative Merits "Growing Up Like Flowers," from Relative Merits Diary entry from A Change of Skies

Amanda Nettlebeck, Revising the "Oppositional": a reading of Isabel Allende's Eva Luna

Wenche Ommundsen, Engendering the Bicentennial Reader: Sally Morgan, Mark Henshaw and the Critics

Day 3 of Conference

Kathryn Trees & Mudrooroo Nyoongah, Postcolonialism: yet another colonial strategy?

Robyn McCarron, Noongar Language and Literature

Rod Giblett, Cities and Swamp Settling: decolonizing wetlands

Nicholas Strobbe, Silence and Ethics: reading de Sade and Cook in the South Pacific

Mudrooroo, Poem: "Bungawalbyn Flash"

Jacqueline Lo, Postcolonial Theory and Theoretical Resistance in Malaysia

Garry Gillard, Postcolonialism/Space/Postmodernism: Ayi Kwei Armah

R. P. Rama, "Once Upon a Time There Was an Emperor": A reading of Tughlaq, a modern Indian play by Girishi Karnad

Stephen Finn, Transcolonial Metapoetry in South Africa

Susan Ash, "All the fraught politics": race, gender and the female traveller

Volume 2

Beverley Ormerod, The Group as Protagonist in Recent French Caribbean Fiction

Maria Degabriele, How the Liberal Humanist West Represents the Third World: Western representations of Arabo-Islamic women

Michael Hall, Leila Abouzeid's Year of the Elephant : a postcolonial reading (read by Haya Husseini)

Michèle Drouart, Theories as Fictions in the Arabo-Islamic Cultural Context: postcolonialism and "post-Orientalism"

Harry Aveling, Non-English Postcolonial Fictions? The Malaysian Case

Joan Newman, Launched into Eternity (on the first Fremantle Gaol executions)

Vasso Kalamaras, Poems: "Not Embarrassing," "The Town," "Blacktown," "Doves," "Landscape," "Separation".

Vasso Kalamaras, Story: "Two Women".

A. L. McLeod, The Fictions of Cyril Dabydeen

Lawrence S. Friedman, A Postcolonial Jew: Cynthia Ozick's holocaust survivor

Satendra Nandan, Postcolonial Fictions? Other texts, other lives--an Australian-Fijian experience

Longer Articles Developed from SPACLALS Conference Papers

Doreen D'Cruz, Feminism in the Postcolonial Context: Shashi Deshpande's fiction

Paul Rich, Literature and Political Revolt in South Africa: the Cape Town crisis of 1984-86 in the novels of J. M. Coetzee, Richard Rive and Menan DePlessis

M. Griffith, Great English Houses/New Homes in England? memory and identity in Kazuo Ishiguro's The Remains of the Day and V. S. Naipaul's The Enigma of Arrival

Christine Sharkey, Perth Modernism in the 1930s and 1950s: a canonical saga and Robert Juniper's modernism

Norman Cary, Achebe's Novels and Their Religious Context: Missiological and Fictional Discourse

Post-Conference articles sent to Span

Manfred Mackenzie, "The Mighty Pipe Smoking Me": imposture in Such Is Life

Rod Giblett, Kings in Kimberley Watercourses: sadism and pastoralism

Sanskritirani Desai, Poem: Leaving Aside All The Work

Rosanne Dingli, Prose: Valley of Sound

Rosanne Dingli, Poem: Flank of Lepidotus

Miriam Fuchs, Reading Towards the Indigenous Pacific: Patricia Grace's Potiki, A Case Study

Ibtisam Abu-Duhou, Poetry of Palestinians in Captivity

Yasmine Gooneratne, Poems: "The Scribble," "Touch Me Not," "5: The Courtyard," "Newsletter," "6,000 ft Death Dive," "Cave, " "Migrant Poet," "Business People," "Dead Poet"

Laurel Bergmann, The Spectacle of the Other

Helen Gilbert, Postcolonial Grotesques: re-membering the body in Louis Nowra's Visions and The Golden Age

Betty Birsky, Two Lithuanian Stories: 'In Vilnius', 'From the Village of Lieplauke'

Kapal Tipoti, Poem: Karma

Justin MacGregor, A Dialogue Between Margins: Colin Johnson and Mudrooroo, Wild Cat Falling and Doin Wildcat

David King, Stories: 'The Syringe outside Space-time', 'Crux'

George Bowering, Wiebe and Bail: re making the story

Gillian Gorle, Conversation with Adam Delaney, Boroko, NCD, Papua New Guinea, 22 October 1992

Reviews (all in one file)

John O'Carroll, SUDESH MISHRA, Tandava, Melbourne: Meanjin Press, 1992

Ulla Joussen, BRUCE BENNETT, An Australian Compass: Essays on Place and Direction in Australian Fiction, Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 1991

Ian Buchanan, MICHEL DE CERTEAU, The Mystic Fable: Volume I [trans. Michael B. Smith], Chicago, Chicago University Press, 1992.

Peter Alcock, JANET FRAME, The Pocket Mirror, Mona Minim and the Smell of the Sun, Auckland: Random Century N.Z. Vintage pb. 1992; JUDITH DELL PANNY, I Have What I Gave: the fiction of Janet Frame, Wellington, Daphne Brasell Associates Press, 1992.

Michèle Drouart, SPAN NEWSLETTER, December 1993

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