Singapore Cultural Studies

This page is devoted to scholars engaged in the application of Cultural Studies to the Singaporean landscape. You will find discussions relating to different aspects of Singaporean culture and society, from the taken-for-granted practice of food consumption to the routinely and ritualistically celebrated National Day Parade. Employing the tools of Cultural Studies, these discussions represent the diversity and richness of Singapore as an emerging site for scholarly analysis.The papers collected here were written as part of the academic requirements for the Honours program in Communication Studies at Murdoch University. They exemplify the productivity and experimental character of Cultural Studies and showing how it can provide an understanding of the dynamics of Singaporean culture.

Irvin Lim - S(t)imulating Singapore

Selvaraj Velayutham - Mediating Identity: National Identity and the National Day Parade

Tay Cheng Cheng - The Democracy Debate: Analysing the "Asian Challenge"

New: October, 1996 | Now: 27 April, 2015