Indigenous Cultural Studies

Communication and Tradition: Essays after Eric Michaels, Continuum: The Australian Journal of Media & Culture, vol. 3 no 2 (1990), edited by Tom O'Regan

From other Continuum issues

Stuart Cunningham, Chauvel: the last decade

Colin Johnson [Mudrooroo], Chauvel and the Aboriginal male in Australian film

Vijay Mishra, Aboriginal representations in Australian texts

Steve Mickler, Curators and The Colony: Managing the Past at Rottnest Island Museum

Roslyn Poignant, The photographic witness?

Alison Devine Nordstrom, Persistent images: photographic archives in ethnographic collections

Hart Cohen, Margins at the centre: Inniss concept of bias and the development of Aboriginal media

Toby Miller, When Australia became modern

William D. Routt, Are you a fish? Are you a snake? an obvious lecture and some notes on The Last Wave

Stephen Muecke, Narrative and intervention in Aboriginal filmmaking and policy

Mudrooroo Nyoongah, Passing for white passing for black: an ideological con-pro-testation

Michael Meadows, Re-claiming a cultural identity: indigenous media production in Australia and Canada

Duane Varan, Television, culture and state: new forums for negotiating identity in the Pacific

From other journals

Stephen Muecke, Discourse, history, fiction: language and Aboriginal history, Australian Journal of Cultural Studies, vol. 1 no. 1 May 1983


Teresa Ashforth, Silence in Court

Other papers

Carol Laseur, BeDevil: Colonial Images, Aboriginal Memories

Carol Laseur, Terra Nullius: Invasion of the Land, Invasion of the Body

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