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"Moving the Boundaries" was first convened by Alan Mansfield and Gary Wickham at the end of the 1980s. The torch was taken from their faltering hands in the second semester of 1990 by Garry Gillard, who tottered along with it for three semesters. After a period extinguished, the torch was raised again over a renovated motto - "(Re-)Moving the Boundaries" - and under the sponsorship of postgraduate students, notably David Utting, whose reign was characterised by the innovation of funding! - free booze and free childcare.

After David moved on to a career in journalism among other things, other PGs convened brief series, but it was only following a suggestion from Jon Watts at an MCC meeting in June 2001 that the old enthusiasm really returned, and Jane Stadler and Amanda Third rekindled the flame, and arranged a full semester's program - ten years after the last MTB - and with a new name, Pub Talk.

A number of Fremantle hotels enjoyed the Boundaries' patronage. An incomplete list, not in historical order, includes: the Seaview Tavern in South Terrace, the National Hotel, cnr High and Market Sts, the Fremantle Hotel, cnr Cliff and High Sts - the present venue - and His Lordship's Larder - formerly His Majesty's Hotel and now Phillimore's - cnr Mouat and Phillimore Sts. At the latter we used both the old dining room and also the TV room upstairs, in which only two bulbs still burned in the chandelier. One night we had to ask the residents to leave the room so that we could meet: one of them stayed for part (!) of the paper.

Jane Stadler left to run a Department in Cape Town, and in 2002 Pub Talk was convened in second semester by Lubica Ucnik, after her co-convenor of first semester, Amanda Third, left for a job at Monash.

Garry Gillard

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